Now let's see where you can find the required items for your builds. You simply configure your boost, and we will prepare the desired loadout directly on your account in no time. Example: Let's say you are looking for a particular exotic mask, Coyote's Mask. The Sharpshooter is the last of the three specializations available at the launch of Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Below we present you some screenshots for a better view of the loadout: Variant #3 - NinjaBike Heartbreaker Striker Build. Fast and safe delivery! Now the drone has even more unpredictable results.When using the SVD I got the same boosted damage I got with the first two skills, but not constantly. What is important, the bullets fired from this weapon are capable of penetrating the target, hitting other enemies standing directly in the line of fire. Avoid the armour modification like the plague. If interested, you can also buy the Pistol build from our store, and we will prepare your custom loadout directly on your account in no time. Now that we've covered the weapons and the gear, it's time to move on to the next aspect you must focus on when creating your Division 2 build: the Skills you will be using. In conclusion, the top 3 legendary builds for Division 2 in 2023 are: 04.05.2022 - Added Pestilence LMG Build and Legendary Skill Build with Empress Set to "Best Builds for PvE in 2022", 14.05.2022 - Added "Title Update 15 Builds" section that showcases 3 brand-new builds introduced with the launch of Season 9: "Kingbreaker Spotter Build", "Bluescreen LMG Build", "Dread Edict Sniper Build", 16.05.2022 - Updated "Tank Build" and "Healer Build" in the "Meta Raid Builds" section, 18.05.2022 - Added the "Heartbreaker PvP Build" in the "Best PvP Builds (2022)" and "Title Update 15 Builds" sections, 22.05.2022 - Updated the "Creating the perfect build" section with the new Expertise feature, 07.06.2022 - Added the "Pulse Resistance Build (Heartbreaker Counter Build)" in the "Best PvP Builds (2022)" section, 10.06.2022 - Updated the "Build components" section with the best gear sets and exotic items to use in 2022 meta. This is a vital build that cannot be missing from your raid setup. Use Stability or Accuracy mods if you are having trouble landing headshots but never ever change the Digital Scope. This is how I personally set up this variant of the NinjaBike Striker Spotter build: Variant #2 - NinjaBike Heartbreaker Build. There are plenty of weapons to choose from and use for your favorite builds. The synergy between the set, the LMGs and their talents, paired with the Contractor's Gloves and Busy Little Bee Exotic Pistol is incredible. The Fixer Drone's indicator lights are bright green, and a special feeder is attached to the bottom of the drone via an extension. It's one of the strongest builds in Division2, as in the right hands, it can clear with ease even legendary content! As one can imagine, this specialization focuses on dealing damage from long distances and sacrificing durability (Armor, Health) to maximize the damage output. So if you aim high, get ready for some serious time investments, and rest assured that it's worth it, by all means. You will notice that all the named enemies will drop masks as targeted loot, which speeds up getting your desired mask. This build represents one of the best rifle loadouts in Title Update 17 and Season 11. Like the weapons, in Division 2, players get to choose from various gear for their builds, such as Brand Sets, Gear Sets, and Exotic Armor. Now you can buy the Umbra Initiative build directly from us, and we will handle everything for you. I'm sure we have already covered a similar build to what you're looking for. Below you can find the main weapon types you can choose from in the game: If you are looking for the best exotics, the most popular Division 2 exotic weapons in 2023 are: So once you figure out what type of playstyle you prefer, choose the best weapon type for your build. Additionally, the drone's slower speed also prevents it from reliably protecting a sprinting target. That is to do with the distance of the drone to the target. Here is one example: Below I present you some screenshots of my NinjaBike Legendary Skill Build: If you don't have the time for all the grinding, you can now buy NinjaBike Messenger builds from us, and we will prepare the best loadout for you in a breeze. Moreover, the rounds come with a handydecompression shockwave that can hit nearby hostiles up to 400 damage. Players use the mods to improve the stats on the desired items. In the game, this feature translates into high-power damage capable of breaking most armors. These builds revolve around various weapon classes and different playstyles, and they provide the highest damage output in the game. It can be used as an alternative to getting two bullets in, instead of manually loading them and then cancelling the animation. However, this also means the Sharpshooter can't fully-maximize the rather violent LMG and SMG, as well as the slow-acting shotgun. +5% increased headshot damage. With this Talent, using Armor Kitsnowprovide Sharpshooters withincreased Burn, Poison, and Bleed resistance, as well as the reduction of status effects. Bloodlust is especially good if you have M700 in one slot and Nemesis in the other. Ubisoft The Sharpshooter Skill Tree in The Division 2 can be downright overwhelming. Weapon Damage or Critical Hit Chance on the red attribute slot. In Division 2, there are multiple tiers of difficulty, with Legendary being the highest one. So my loadout looks like this: For more details on this support build, you can check the screenshots below: If you are interested, you can also buy Boss Killer build from us, customize your boost, and we will prepare the desired loadout directly on your account. So what's the fastest way to get that ideal loadout for your character? The drone will deflect any bullet so long as it's able to, ranging from shots from a pistol to the cannons of a War-hound, however, it cannot deflect explosive munitions like grenades or rockets. However, instead of a single unit, the Hive skills send out a cluster of tiny drones to deliver more area-of-effect focused attacks and effects. It's an easy guess that min-maxing equals grinding. These are only some of the most popular builds used in Title Update 17. Does anybody know how Tactcian Drone and Remote Pulse work? Chest piece will be the only one not belonging to D&H or Airaldi. If you don't have any of the two Exotics, it could be a good idea to have a good Rifle on hand for close encounters. This is the perfect build if you enjoy sniping and head-shotting players from long distances. He has a BA Journalism degree, and has since then pursued making content about geek culture. In turn, the Sharpshooter works best with the superior range of the marksman rifle, the high-powered nature of the rifle, and the quick-fire assault rifle. Rifle Specialty:The Sharpshooter gains modifiers that further encourage a long-range rifle-based build. Speaking of which Ubisoft Flashbangs are invaluable when enemies are trying to close the gap between you and them. This meant damage was inconsistent and I found that I preferred the certainty of the laser pointer Enjoy! The ability has 3 levels. The unofficial home for discussing Tom Clancy's The Division and The Division 2; online RPGs from Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment. Modifications should all prioritise Headshot Damage, then Damage to Elites and finally Critical Hit Chance. The common talent should be Hard Hitting for more Damage to Elites and the active one should be Entrench. Stay tuned! Guaranteed fast and safe delivery! Once you get the desired item, you can reset the selected targeted loot at any time by accessing the menu and targeting the next one, and so on. There are, however, a few other crucial talents too. Many of them will be familiar to gamers who played the first iteration of The Division, whereas new additions like Hive and Chem Launcher open up new battle strategies. The Division 2 | MY NEW BEST SKILL DAMAGE BUILD | POWERFUL DRONE AND TURRET + HIGH WEAPON DAMAGE!! And if yes, I dont know what the frequency (duration) of each pulse is. For questions, concerns, tips, or to share constructive criticism, he can be reached on Twitter @dukeofgnar or through e-mail at The short answer is yes, but with limits. The second primary weapon should be Sweet Dreams Exotic shotgun. This is one of the most popular questions we get regarding Division 2 builds, especially when it comes to PvP. Let's see some details on it: Here is an alternative build variant that uses Adrenaline Rush: Save your time and buy Hunter's Fury SMG Build from us, for a fast and safe delivery directly on your account. A build is 100% optimal only when you have the right talents, stats, and mods on your items. Moreover, Tactician feeds this information not just to the. Personally I prefer the "Ranger" talent, and this can't work together with the "Spotter" talent because "Spotter" requires 5 or more Yellow, and "Ranger" requires 4 or less Yellow. The drone scouts and marks hostile targets, feeding them to the agent and other allies' HUD. Let me help you with that. I cant seem to understand because targets seem to be scanned all the time, but sometimes it feels like there are briefly breaks in between pulses or something. What is more, the weapon has a rather low rate of fire, making any missed shot hurt. This is by far the most famous PvP build in the game and the best one to use if you want to focus on assault rifles and close-to-medium player-vs-player encounters. Also, you can swap the Busy Little Bee for Scorpio Shotgun. ), 4x Umbra Initiative + Contractor's Gloves + Coyote's Mask, From the Shadows (from Umbra Initiative chest), Into the Light (from Umbra Initiative backpack), Hybrid red & blue (weapon damage & armor), Punch Drunk + Chainkiller + Contractor's + Fox's Prayer + Ceska/Memento + Providence, The White Death | M44 | M700 with "Determined" talent, 4x Hotshot + Chainkiller + Airaldi/Providence Backpack, Weapon of choice - anything for close combat, Coyote's Mask + Contractor's + Fox's Prayer + 2x Uzina + 1x Ceska/Gruppo, 4x Ongoing Directive + Contractor's Gloves + 1x Ceska | Gruppo Sombra, Parabellum Rounds (from Ongoing Directive Chest). Common offensive talent will need to be either Hard Hitting or Precise. Each specialization has its skill tree that unlocks a unique signature weapon, unique skills, skill mods, and a special type of grenade related to the specialization build. However, you will never find that "one" PvP build that outstands all the other builds. The ability has 3 levels. The introduction of the Heartbreaker Set had a huge impact that twisted the PvP meta as the Heartbreaker builds are now the most popular builds the players use in the Dark Zone and Conflict. Yes. Ranger or Optimist should do fine on these weapons too. Now, the fastest way to get items in Division 2 is to use the targeted loot feature in The Summit and The Countdown activities. In other words - shoot an enemy with a red health bar in the head and then shoot whatever you want, you will hit like a truck. Striker As suggested by the name, this is an offensive version of the Drone. We will keep updating this guide as new builds keep joining the stage, so keep an eye on this post and don't miss out on what can be the "new best build" for your Division 2 character. No problem, we've got it covered! The drone's defense is not 100% perfect and can only defend against attacks from one direction at a time (which is either anything in front of or to the back of the target). In speaking of cover, Sharpshooters can further capitalize on cover protection with theRound After RoundTalent. I know that spotter is active when you can see the outline of the enemy. These are the most popular builds that, paired with the right player skills, really stand out and transform you into a killing machine. I used an SVD and a M700 Carbon.I shoot a couple of targets to get my base damage without the spotter talent.Then I tested both weapons with the following skills: When using the standart pulse skill, enemies are "pulsed" when they have their highlights, and its clear when it wears off (after 10s).Spotter works for as long as the enemies are visibly highlighted. What type of activities do you want to focus on? Here is the Assault Rifle PvE Build overview: If interested, you also have the option to buy the AR PvE build from us. However, the Digital Scope's drawback is immediately boosted by its headshot damage boost. This is the Specialist skill for the Sharpshooter Specialization. Your enemies are members of the White Tusk who are dealing increased damage, they have increased health pools and advanced skills. Like with the game before it, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 offers a number of skills and skill mods for players to make use of. When watching closely, the targets where "pulsating" a little. Guaranteed fast and safe delivery! The few exceptions to this rule are the exploding drones of Black Tusk faction, RC cars of True Sons and weak spots on heavily armoured enemies. You can either create replicas of the builds we posted on our website or take them as reference points, improvise, and create your own builds your call! However, getting a steady supply of ammunition while on cover can help Sharpshooters ensure their survival in longer firefights. If most of the DPS builds can cover the Heroic difficulty with ease, you don't have too many options to choose from for the legendary content. InThe Division 2, Sharpshooters gain a combination of Perks specially-designed to capitalize on focus, patience, and caution. In this guide, I want to share the best Division 2 builds to use nowadays, in 2023. This might not seem important for a lot of players. Essentially, the Mod adds(Tier 3) 30-percent additional stability and reduced recoilwhen fighting enemies. Close, medium, or ranged? You have access to various weapon types, so the game covers it all, whether you prefer a close-combat playstyle or sniping the enemies from long distances. Cookie Notice On top of that, if you ever encounter any difficulty getting the desired items for your builds, we provide boosting services as well, so you can buy Division 2 Exotics or God Roll Farming and complete your builds in no time! Guaranteed fast and safe delivery! One of the best support builds used in the Division 2 raids. You should have around 200,000 armour which will mean about 40 per cent damage increase for a few seconds after killing an enemy. Spotter is activated for the first few seconds after drone pulses, then enemies are only highlighted without pulse status and Spotter deactives until Drone pulses again. In turn, Sharpshooters can easily experiment with long-range incursions and encounters with a trusty marksman rifle by their side. It's extremely fun to play, and I find it one of the most enjoyable raid builds in the game, as you mostly stay in cover and put your enemies on fire. Build configuration below: and some screenshots to get a better view of the build: If interested, you also have the option to buy the Heartbreaker PvE Build from us. Here is how I personally run this PvP build: For additional information on the build, please check the screenshots below: If you don't have the time for all the grinding, you can now buy the Heartbreaker PvP build from us, and we will prepare the loadout for you in a breeze. As such, Sharpshooters who want to be able to support the vanguard may want to try the AR for emergency encounters. But all this just happens in a 2-3 second cycle (yellow - 1-2-3- red -1-2-3- yellow-1-2-3)With the M700 Carbon and its forced digital scope, you could not make out that change since, as stated in another topic about the tactician drone and scopes, you don't have the highlights in scope anymore.I guess the pulse effect, required for "Spotter" is active and inactive in this 2-3 second window. With theVital ProtectionTalent, Sharpshootersget a 20-percent reduced critical hit chance in Conflict. The Skill Build: One of the Best Division 2 Legendary Builds. NEXT:The Division 2: Every Specialization Explained. Interestingly, the number of accuracy-reliant Talents of the Sharpshooter means they function best with accuracy-depending weapons, as stated in the above. Apart from great team skills and communication, Division 2 raids also require some particular loadouts to run through. Keep reading to learn more about the new and returning skills and skill mods in The Division 2. Not to mention that the legendary difficulty also requires some advanced player skillsa little shoutout here to the White Task Rushers. Are you struggling to put all the pieces together or simply dont have the time for all the grinding? Essentially, Sharpshooters can get out of sticky situations faster with much quicker reload times than other Specializations. You can still drop the items that belong to the second category as targeted loot, but only after you would have already crafted them at the crafting station. Like any looter-shooter, Division 2 has a complex character progression system that revolves around different weapons, gear, skills, and various end-game activities that automatically require specific builds to be prepared and taken care of. It's one of the strongest builds in Division 2, as in the right hands, it can easily clear any type of end-game content! Sharpshooters also get a modified drone to aid them in their eagle-eyed conquests. and in case you need additional information, check out these screenshots: Now you can skip the grind, buy the Negotiator build from our store, and get your hands on this end-game build in no time. The synergy between the Heartbreaker Set, the Spotter talent and the Flatline talent is incredible. After all, this move means having to rely on taking out foes from secure vantage points - something tricky considering how chaotic firefights can get. As such, this Talent can definitely improve group synergy, especially when facing a difficult boss and their minions. Once there are no other enemies on the battlefield, outmanoeuvre it and shoot it in the butt. Variant #1 - Legendary Skill build with Rigger Set. Always use Targeted Loot. Not a problem! Whats your favorite weapon type in this game? In turn, manufacturers built the weapon to surpass most defenses. +10% increased weapon stability, reduced recoil and faster reacquisition of targets. What type of weapons have you enjoyed the most in other shooter games? Same goes for Black Tusk's Warhounds - your DPS will be weak against these foes as long as you are hitting the armour plating. Try to get as much armor as possible (at least 1.8 mil), as you will have to face-tank the enemies so the rest of the team can take them down. On top of that, what little damage enemies manage to do to you, a few headshots should fix, literally. Signup for a Free Account. This amazing close-combat build for PvP uses a pistol as the main weapon. When the drone is placed, the "elite" target switches from yellow to red color. So basically, you can filter the drops you will be getting by weapon type, armor slot, brand set, gear set, or mods. Our reviews are published on OpenCritic platform. Available as . There are plenty of weapons to choose from and use for your favorite builds. You now have the option to buy the Healer build from us. With this Mod,headshot kills now drop Signature Weapon ammo. Sharpshooters rely on cover to ensure they get protected against heavy fire. However, each bullet deflected reduces its duration, and it is incapable of defending itself from enemy fire. I have personally tested dozens of builds in TD2, so it's safe to say that I know all the tips and tricks on build-making and min-maxing in the game. As mentioned,Tacticianhelps Sharpshooters by scouting and marking various hostile targets. Players can enjoy this Talent with their preferred sidearm, or even with the Sharpshooter 93R. Some build particularities can be found below: This is how I personally set up my status effect build for Division 2 raids: These are the best raid builds you should use if you want a smooth raiding experience in Division 2. The Division 2 - Mk 17. The 50% Pulse Resistance perk on the specialization skill tree, 3x Yaahl brand set, 3x System Corruption gear set, or an Improvised crafted build with 5-6 sockets, Assault Rifle DPS Build with Coyote's Mask, The Legendary Skill Build with Capacitor and Waveform, The Legendary Armor Regen Build with Scorpio and Memento, The Legendary Negotiator's Build with Pestilence and AR. The Division 2. Get Sharpshooter, this is a no-brainer. These values are approximate. - The Division 2 Tips and. Tactician - This drone takes to the skies and relays information regarding enemy positions in the area back to allied agent HUDs. In case the holster rolls an active talent, go for Bloodlust or Reassigned. Things get rough when playing on the most challenging difficulty in the game. When these elements are wisely chosen and put together, they create a synergy that will reflect your build's power and capability. Other players might think that the reduction in critical hit damage might be a turn-off. Then you've come to the right place, Agent! It represents a well-balanced build that provides great survivability and incredible damage output. Unfortunately, Sharpshooters sometimes can't help but get their Armor drained when under attack. The flexible nature of the rifle makes it a standout choice for those looking for a perfect in-between with the AR and the marksman rifle. A 3-round burst fire weapon for hectic close encounters. Play in a group with loot share, so you get extra chances of obtaining the missing items. Enemy headshot kills may drop signature weapon ammo, for the TAC-05 C Rifle, except when firing the rifle itself. In Division 2, each item has a core attribute, and by case, 1 or 2 secondary attributes. The Drone currently has five variants: the Striker, Defender, Bombardier, Fixer, and Tactician. This is probably the best crowd control item in the entire game - a flash grenade thrown into a narrow tunnel or a small room will blind all of the enemies located there. Note: Please keep in mind that in Division 2, the gearing for the end-game builds comes as a package with the grinding for the rarest items or mods out there. This is the best PvP build for close-combat encounters. The best raid builds for Division 2 in 2023 are: This is one of the most popular DPS builds used in the Division 2 raids. So the result of a min-maxed build is an extremely powerful character in one particular way but exceedingly weak in others. Not a problem! from your trusty marksman rifles. The Catharsis PvP build represents one of the meta builds for Dark Zone and Conflict game modes in Title Update 17. The first combination grants you better mobility and greater survivability, while Glass Cannon and Sawyer's provide a lot more damage, but you will lack in mobility and survivability (mobs can even one-shot you on Heroic difficulty). You simply configure your boost, and we will prepare the desired loadout directly on your account in no time. It will highlight targets for a long distance for the user. Alternatively, the Coyote's Mask can be swapped for Memento Backpack, Catharsis Mask, or Fox's Prayer Kneepads. By the end of this guide, you will become a master of build-making and learn how to optimize your favorite builds for a swift gaming experience, whether you are a PvE or PvP fan. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Below you can find additional information on the build: You now have the option to buy the Headhunter Pistol build from us. The short answer is yes, but with limits. Another new addition in The Division 2, the Hive skill functions similarly to the game's Drone skills. Gila Guard is optimal here since it can roll Unstoppable Force active talent along with an offensive attribute slot which should be reserved to Headshot Damage. Sounds good, right? At the end of the day, it's all about the players' skills and what they enjoy the most. This Talentincreases the Tactician's ability duration. Armor kits now repair 50% less when used, but remove status effects and increase resistance to bleed, poison and burn for 20 seconds. With the drone sometimes it appear and some times not. It's understandable because when you focus on the competitive modes in the game, you want THE best build for your character, so the other players don't stand a chance in front of you. This is vital for most encounters, especially for specializations that like to get their headshots in without having to take up the Sharpshooter Specialization. The red attribute slot should be occupied by Critical Hit Chance. Kneepads are D&H with Critical Hit Chance roll on the red attribute slot. We will constantly update this section as we gather more information on new builds worth going for, so make sure you keep an eye on it!

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