Advertising disclosure: We may receive compensation for some of the links in our stories. As for the scenery, the lake drive is sort of pretty, especially in the fall, but the only item that really makes the itinerary is Urquhart Castle that sits at its base. Texas gets a bit funny-shaped that far north, but the Greenland land mass isnt as big as we think it might be. Comments about the size and proportions of distances between places in the United States as compared to Europe were common. However, I chose to take some extra time here to make sure I not only saw everything but was there at the right time. If you wish to make the hike, be prepared for a strenuous, steep walk that takes about an hour. / United Kingdom If youre the right kind of nerd, you can probably do this forever and not get boredcheck it out, Mexico is maybe two and a half Texases! If your version of the best Scotland road trip features the NC500, you will simply need to alter the FOURTH LEG (orange pins above) to drive from Eilean Donan Castle to Inverness via the north coast. New York State (US) is 1.80 times as big as Scotland. First, Inveraray Castle is one of those postcard-perfect, Disney-like castles you dream about seeing. I personally wouldnt spend much time here, but you may as well peek over the fence and give it a gander, or pay the admission and visit if you have good weather and are loving what you see. Were Braemar Castle not on your way back to Edinburgh anyway, I might suggest skipping it. You will come to a wooded gorge with an entry and signage for Finnich Glen (this shows as Carnock Burn on Google maps). Drive to Glencoe (A82) Day 4-6: The Isle of Skye. Like many places, winter is perhaps the toughest time to schedule your road trip in Scotland. However, I chose to travel Scotland by motorhome instead, and it may have been the best decision I made. check out our deals on cheap flights here at Globehunters. In this 10 day Scotland itinerary, you will learn the recommended travel routes, must-see stops, and all of the best things to do throughout the country, as well as general advice on logistics like where to stay and how to get around. The comments below have not been moderated, By Most tours of Scotland will take you to Aberdeen via the east coast route. What the Bleep Is Going On With Texas Property Taxes? This is an essential one for us as we both get hangry if we dont have food! If you are in the mood for an affordable night out, I went to The Muckle Cross for both dinner and breakfast! With a well-crafted route, 10 days in Scotland is just enough time to see most of the major highlights on every Scotland bucket list. As a photographer, I am used to being able to pull off quickly to take roadside images, even if it is just live parking somewhere. Wikipedia A roadside pull-off that you cannot possibly miss, the Meeting of the Three Waters is an impressive scene in the heart of the Glencoe drive where three channels of water collide. This required me to circle back to the only layby on this stretch of road, but it provided a nice view of the castle tucked into the mountains. Without a doubt, the Northeastern Peninsula is the treasure trove of Skye. You will save some money upfront in rental fees and fuel costs, though you will undoubtedly be spending significantly more on accommodation. Thats a thing worth considering, when thinking about how big Africa is. Important Information regarding Christmas day 25th December. Behind the parking lot, you will find a field with highland cows happily eating away! Were basically just a random smattering of outback to them. The closest state in size to England is Louisiana, which has 135,659 km but only 4,659,978 people, so England has about 12 times the population density. The building itself is a historical site, the ambiance is nice, and, being a Wetherspoons, the beer, coffee and meal prices are a great value. Although it should be pointed out that none of these would be True Scotsman. Day 7: Isle of Skye to Inverness. However, as always the images you got are amazing. The hottest time of the year, with an average of 19c (66f), Somewhat reliable weather (it is still Scotland, however), Lots of festivals and activities to attend, Longest days of the year (with summer solstice logging just shy of 19 hours of daylight! According to a neat overlay map posted to Reddit by user martinswfan, you can fit 30 European countries into the continental US. I was told that the fall colours would be brilliant here, particularly in the Aberfoyle area and Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. If you have the time, it looks like a beautiful place to stay and would be the perfect end to 10 days in Scotland. READ MORE: Camera Gear for the BEST Travel Photos. It is also worth noting that there are no restroom facilities here, and the road in is very small for large vehicles. However, once I got used to the size and started to understand all the different tank levels and such, I found myself embracing the freedom it provided! and when you need a frame of reference, theres Texas. Texas would be able to fit much of Florida's peculiar form inside the state outline if it was kind enough to let bits of Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama in for whatever reason. Montana: 4.5 times larger. I would love to see British people discover more places in the states other than California, Florida and New York City. The first thing to know before tackling the hike is that, at a normal pace, it is a 45-60 minute, steep climb to the most popular viewing area. Scotland is 0.11 times as big as Texas (US) How many miles long is Scotland? This is a nice place for sunrise, but if you have only 10 days in Scotland, I would recommend visiting Brothers Point whenever it happens to be convenient. See a true size comparison. There is also no parking available, which is why this can be a bit difficult to get to. These summer months are the most popular time to visit Scotland, and with good reason. Jos R. Ralat is Texas Monthlys taco editor, writing about tacos and Mexican food. Scotland is 0.11 times as big as Texas (US) What state is closest in size to the UK? The fall colours are incredible, the castles are magical, and there is a plethora of wildlife that resides here. In total, America is approximately 40 times the size of its European ally, covering3.8 million square miles. This beautiful home was not included in any of the blogs and guides I read when researching what to do in Scotland, so I am grateful we stumbled across it by chance. It will be a layby that is separated from the road and has room for about 5 cars by my estimate. A continent thatismuch bigger than Texas, though, is Australia. During my visit, there were literally dozens of waterfalls streaming down the sides of the mountains in every direction. The driveway is open to pedestrians, but not to vehicles. The passionate photographers may also find themselves frustrated by a complete inability to make impromptu stops or turn around. Covering the northern third of the island of Great Britain, mainland Scotland has a 96-mile (154 km) border with England to the southeast and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, the North Sea to the northeast and the Irish Sea to the south. So the best time to visit for you largely depends on what you want to see and do. Loch simply means lake in the native Scottish Gaelic and were it not for the mythological monster known as Nessie, you likely wouldnt think twice about visiting Loch Ness. Not only is the hike steep, but it is also very, VERY muddy. Is there a way to be informed when they upload a new video? Day 3-4: Luss to Glencoe. If photography is your goal, you may want to note this as a good end-of-day option. But what puts it into perspective is when you see that entire states are actually multiple times bigger than our humble little island! I absolutely recommend a motorhome if you are planning a road trip during off-peak seasons, and loved my experience with Spaceships UK. There is something I absolutely love about Craigievar Castle! Still, this may be the best option for those of you who are not comfortable driving a larger vehicle, nor have the need to be on-location for sunrises and sunsets. *Note on autumn colours: Of course, it is impossible to predict the exact week of peak foliage. Perhaps the biggest consideration you will have when planning a road trip to Scotland is the type of vehicle you chose. Scotland (and Ireland and Wales) are high on our list to visit soon. Despite more foul weather than I would have liked, I absolutely loved the Fairy Glen and its strange, otherworldly feels. I gotcha! Rhode Island, the smallest state, could fit 221 times. The best time to visit Neist Point Lighthouse is at sunset, and photographers will likely want to stick around for the blue hour as well. No wonder I got a bit antsy at a Brit who asked me why I hadn't travelled round the States as much as they thought I should have in 18 months. You may find this guide on the difference between campervans and motorhomes useful when deciding which to go for! Not sure how I missed it, especially since it is one of the larger states. Thats perspective that it is hard to get without a frame of referenceand when you need a frame of reference, theres Texas. Then please share with a friend: Your email address will not be published. The farther east you go, meanwhile, the more you can smoosh a whole lot of a whole lot of countries within the Lone Star State: Paris, Prague, Milan, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, and Florence could all be little bits of Texas, in an alternate reality. Kathy Blackwell is an executive editor at Texas Monthly. I'm a Cali girl, born & raised, & I've always thought of my brothers over the pond as our mirror-image runty bruv! I'll take Britain over any of them . But what about its geography? She occasionally writes about travel, too. ), Lots of mosquitoes and midges (pack plenty of, The weather begins to cool slightly, while remaining tolerable. The U.k. us a bit larger than Michigan. Over in Greenland, though, we take up a lot more space than it appears on the map, because of the longitudinal distortion. How many times can Scotland fit into Canada? In all honesty, I almost asked to switch vehicles after my first day of driving. By This is the trail you want! It's a pretty big state. Welcome to the Return of Glam at the Best New Hotels in Texas, Sex, Threats, and Late-Night Phone Calls: The Allegations From Inside Jolanda Joness Legislative Office, A Head Above: How Barbacoa Paved the Way for Barbecue, Out-of-State Wineries Are Moving to Texas for Cheaper Land and Friendlier Competition. Of the fifty states, there are exactly eleven that, bearing in mind that we are taking liberties with shape and tectonics, As you navigate the list for your state, please note that we are dealing with the. With that said, here are few more castles you could visit on your way back to Edinburgh, if you have the desire. Our ally Saudi Arabia is considerably larger than Texas, while theres a great deal of distance from, say, Iran (also big enough to hold a Texas) to Libya (which is to the left of Egypt in the top map). The joke goes that Alaskans had been considering dividing their state into two halves, but Texas protested too much. Though it required a detour, I decided it was worth exploring as we had, thus far, been disappointed by the lack of colour. You may see stones placed within the circular feature at the base of Castle Ewan. mobile app. This will add about 45 minutes to your total journey time, but is absolutely worth it. Second, this was the only time in my first week in Scotland that the rain let up and I saw some sunshine! Coral Beach is a favourite destination for locals, and is still relatively off the radar for tourists. You can spot them a bit underneath Mauritania in the first map up there. However, there is a trail sign here with a pedestrian access point over the farm fence. Parking would likely have been a major nightmare in the more popular months, but it was no problem at all as my Scotland road trip took place in October. Theyre a solid Texas-size distance from Nigeria, which is itself a couple of Texases away from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is still another couple Texases tfrom South Africa (not pictured here, because Africa is huge). ), Longest days (not so good for photographers who will find little time for sleep between sunrise and sunset, not to mention harsh overhead light throughout their holiday! This gorgeous waterfall is just a slight detour on your way to Inverness, but looks like one of the nicer ones in Scotland. If the tide is in, there is a great shot to be had looking back across Loch Dunvegan toward the castle. That's amazing. ), and noting how it compares with the distance from Dallas to Sioux Falls, South Dakota (841 miles! 4. Metered roadside parking is available and affordable. US vs. India. Or alternatively, look into staying in a highland bothy for a unique Scotland adventure. Delaware, the first state, could fit into Texas 108 times. On the topic of driving here, the most fuel-efficient route from Quiraing is via a very small road that cuts across the peninsula to Uig. I was eventually swayed by them to consider my first-ever motorhome road trip in lieu of a campervan! Alternative Route: Edinburgh to Glasgow. Depending on how slowly you prefer to travel, you may have to skip some stops to allow yourself to truly enjoy your Scotland road trip the way you like to. We can arrange for one of our friendly Travel Consultants to get in touch with you, at a time that suits you! The farther east you go, meanwhile, the more you can smoosh a whole lot of a whole lot of countries within the Lone Star State: Paris, Prague, Milan, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, and Florence could all be little bits of Texas, in an alternate reality. Nows Your Chance. (When you live in a country whose maps literally cut Asia in half so that you can be in the center of the world, it tends to be a little distorting.) MAPfrappe isntthe same as just taking your scissors to the World Atlas and moving Texas around to compare thingsmaps become less accurate at different longitudes, so MAPfrappe distorts the size of Texas to show exactly how big it would appear on the map at a given location. For this guide, I have attempted to provide only the pertinent information on Scotlands major points of interest, while providing some suggestions for time-efficient routes. Scotland is a dream destination for so many. The unofficial capital of the highlands, Inverness felt like a big city (and it is by highland standards), but it is only the 13th most populated city in Scotland. If you happen to be lucky with the conditions, the photos you take home from Eilean Donan castle will certainly be some of the best of your 10 days in Scotland! There's only 1 state that's bigger, Alaska. check it out, Mexico is maybe two and a half Texases! The trail should be fairly obvious, just know that if you have crossed the bridge on your way, then you have gone past the trailhead. The first half of the trail is gravel and manageable, but once you cross the fence it quickly turns into a steep ascent. A short detour from Dunvegan Castle delivers you to a little slice of white sand paradise in the least expected place! Tim Wenger. The map above shows how many times the population (not area) of Scotland could fit into England. Required fields are marked *. The most famous name in all of Scotland belongs to Loch Ness, due primarily to the folklore that surrounds it. If that were to happen, Texas would then become the THIRD largest state! Its unique shape and size, coupled with the majestic Etive Mor Waterfall, make for a stunning photo. Can you believe that California is the size of the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Kosovo and Czech Republic combined.. At this point, the castle is little more than some old stone ruins in a fairly pretty setting. Texas is the state . , updated The trail also begins to branch off into various loops, all of which are worth a wander, but the route to the right is the direct path up. Thank you so much Tabitha for your kind words. State size comparison. If you (like me) just want to walk around the outside, then parking is a reasonable 3. With that in mind, lets take a look at how Texas stacks up to some other parts of the U.S. A few things here: First off, Montana is frigginhuge, too, and we dont spend enough time giving the state credit for its mammoth size. However, costs can mount up if you plan to park . Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has a population . ), and noting how it compares with the distance . You could fit all of the UK inside Texas 2.8 times. When planning your Scotland road trip, choosing the right time to visit can make all the difference. Keep your eyes open and camera ready! While we had blue skies for much of the morning, the weather turned just as we arrived at Castle Fraser. Parking is plentiful but comes at a small fee. There are many very small roads, and understanding the passing places and road etiquette will make for a much more enjoyable trip. There are not a ton of stops in this region, which is why I suggest assessing the available days you have left at this point and deciding if you feel ahead of, or behind, schedule. Not much needs to be said here. Its hard for a place with such a big reputation as the Isle of Skye to live up to expectations, but somehow, mine were still exceeded! All in all, I liked the city and the general vibe I got while exploring, but I was more interested in allowing time for some of the remaining stops on my itinerary. Parking is free and plentiful, but admission to the castle is 14 for adults. If you are not familiar with driving in the UK, read this guide to driving in Scotland! Japan and Maryland could cozy up inside Cali together. Texas, as a country, would rank 39th in the world (out of 197 countries) if it were to become its own country. However, our options were to skip two castles that we really wanted to visit (Inveraray and Kilchurn) or sacrifice what would end up being a full day to visit Ben Aan. Anyone who knows the van life is for them! Following the Fairy Pools, which I visited on my way out, it was off to Inverness. The town of Inveraray is quite nice in its own right and a great place to refuel and recharge. So impressed!! What If Kamchatka Was an Independent Country? You can access the private road on foot and view the castle from there, but by no means are you allowed to have a picnic. It offers the space to sit and eat inside, sufficient cover outside for preparing meals, and is still small enough to turn around easily. Even more amazingly, you could fit TEN European countries inside Texas at once, with room to spare. And the pictures are so beautiful. Illustration by Kathia Ramirez; Earth: Leonello Calvetti. Ive followed you for a while and to find out you came to my village, Aberfoyle, and whats even worse is you were disappointed. Also, be warned that driving a motorhome or oversized vehicle here is very difficult, and parking it is near impossible without a lot of luck! Absolutely stunning! Crazy to think driving from the capital of Texas to El Paso is like driving from the capital of England to Scotland, noted Redditor Tropical_Centipede. With all that said, please make sure you are extremely confident driving UK country roads and understand passing culture if you choose this option. This looks wonderful! Thank you for all this amazing info! Oil-rich Texas is almost three times the size of the UK, while sunny California is almost twice as big. anon13702 June 3, 2008 Being that the ferry is reasonably priced and an experience unto itself, most people select this option. If you have a drone, make sure you have at least one battery charged! Imagine if you could take that 155,779 square miles of land and use it as a storage container, a spokesman said. Thanks! Additionally, turning around was a near impossibility on those small Scottish country roads. For most, this is a journey all its own as is simply too much to fit into a non-dedicated 10-day itinerary. This may have been my first choice had they been available, but I was honestly happy to have the motorhome after my first 5 days of perpetual rain and mud! Youll notice some various boards and tires creating a rough sort of mud crossing just past the small shop; this is the trail. The Black Cuillin mountains provide a stunning backdrop for the traditional stone bridge. Check here for current rates and availability at Atholl Palace Hotel. Day 10: Cairngorms National Park to Edinburgh. Facebook Map of all the Worlds Interconnected Friendships, Countries Which Have At Some Point Claimed To Be Romes Successor, 14 Best Ticket To Ride Board Game Versions & Expansions. I enjoyed your post. While my photos from here do not rank at the top of the list, it was one of the castles I enjoyed the most in person. Sadie Whitelocks for MailOnline, Is this the French capital's most perfect hotel? If you are not comfortable driving a large vehicle in a foreign country, stick to a compact. Thou are tagged ! Despite an impressive network of train, bus and ferry routes, the easiest option is usually to travel with your own car, particularly if you want to get off the tartan-and-shortbread tourist trail. Honestly, I loved my time in Glasgow and genuinely found the good nature of the Scottish to be on full display here. The only thing to note before beginning the hike is that you need to stay right at every loop and trail fork to walk the most direct route to the iconic view, looking back across the Old Man.

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