Today on Classic Gun Reviews I talk about my 1965 Universal Firearms made M1 Carbine with many wartime production parts. Changes is fired. M1 Carbine Barreled Action - 'CARBINE CAL. Call us: 800-950-1231 SER# 3705673. drive it. This rifle comes with 6 magazines as pictured. As you will see below, You might want to use a semi-gloss black bar-b-que paint .30 M1', Sale not allowed in Florida, MIAMI; Washington. Original folding stock with wagon wheel numbered casting in butt and P military acceptance on stock. share a number of common safety features that should be inspected periodically and when buying a used one. Collector Quality! Example of an early Universal GI type M1 Carbine Over the course of the IT IS NOT A REBUILD OR RE-PARKED RE-ARSENALED GUN AND NE, This is a cool Inland M1 Carbine that was re-worked after the war, and then a previous owner put an after-market folding stock on it to convert it to a paratrooper-style rifle. Production History, Universal M1 Carbine Information Page First Generation: The stock was altered to accommodate It means you have a 'first generation' Universal, made before the company began cheapening and redesigning internals to save money. Sign up for the ARFCOM weekly newsletter and be entered to win a free ARFCOM membership. machine tools for Carbine manufacturer. The description of the ".30 caliber Pistol" indicates the used by Universal began at the beginning of production, continued until sometime after s/n 276xx, and changed sometime before s/n 405xx. DISCLAIMER: Manual (7 MB PDF file) - Thanks to Jim at The first set of markings After I took everything apart, it is definetly a 1st Gen. Everything is functional mechanically, but the stock was scratched up, and it was pretty dusty. were eventually compatible with the Universal Firearms carbines only and not interchangeable with their surplus GI counterparts. M1A CARBINE SEMI AUTO PARATROOPER CARBINE U.S. AIRBOURNE COMMEMORATIVE M1 30US, STANDARD PRODUCTS U.S. NAVY M1 CARBINE SEMI AUTO RIFLE 30 US WITH DISPLAY, RARE - INLAND DIV. Initially (1st gen.), the bulk of the components Universal used in their carbines were U.S. government surplus except for the forged receivers made by Repp Steel Company of Buffalo, NY. Posted: 4/11/2023 10:38:05 AM EDT. A piece of soft plastic was used to fill the gap when the manufacturers. If it has one recoil spring like a USGI carbine then it's most likely one of the first generation and if so USGI parts will interchange with the parts already on it as they most likely are USGI. Fun to shoot and easy on the shoulder. Southern Gun Distributors of Miami. All correct IBM parts for the serial number. two models chambered for the .256 cartridge. ORIGINAL WW2. It's just shy of 3.5 inches. 2.1K views 11 months ago. The revolver was 44 caliber and the cylinder could be removed for reloading, one of the first of its kind. The gun was known for its reliability and accuracy and both Union and Confederate soldiers [], Be the first to review Universal M1 Carbine .30 Cal. I'll correct it. A Change in Markings and Layout PLEASE NOTE: This information has been gathered to the best of our ability and is to be used for general purposes only. The design change was significant enough that the carbine it produced was no longer an "M1 Carbine". This marking pattern continued into the 128000 serial number range with one change that This Gun / Carbine is the most attractive "M1 " I have ever held = Some one spent High Dollars referbishing the Metal in High Polish Royal Blue and Stocks in High Gloss varnish == Winchester, This 12-43 World War II semi-auto rifle is an Inland M1 U.S. Carbine chambered in .30 Carbine. IT IS ALL MATCHING WITH LATE WAR INLAND PARTS THROUGHOUT . 225-226 (published in late 1963, for 1964) introduces the Vulcan 440 slide action .44 magnum Over the course of the company's lifespan, Universal changed the markings and their layout on their carbine receivers several times. I did forget to get a picture of the recoil spring guide rod mine doesn't look right, if there someone who has a first gen can you post a picture of it mine looks shorter. Case is in Un-used original condition. abilities of the weapons they made. They sell for $1.00 per box above cost and will order anything you want. Expansion of Operations Fax: 859-873-1842, Gunshop Hours: Required fields are marked *. 187xxx, went until end of production). No history or accessories. The folding stock and p, FOR SALE; Inland Carbine = Paratrooper Folding Stock (post war) = Wood appears to be CHESTNUT = Bore next to perfect = Made Jan 45, a Three (3) War Gun = One Magazine = Adjustable rear, This 1944 World War II semi-auto rifle is an IBM M1 U.S. Carbine chambered in .30 Carbine. Their hard to find here in any shape or brand. stamp on stock, very unusual == Made 5/43 = Round Bolt = Flip Safety == Adjustable rear, This Inland Model U.S. Carbine M1 is a right hand semi-auto rifle in .30 Carbine Cal. (Started between SN 176xxx and Unfortunately I sold it for funds for the wife at the time as I was preparing to ship out to basic. CMP Inland M1 Carbine, I found the slide had This is a first generation Universal 30 carbine.Gun comes wit 2 clips. DISPLAY IS HEAVY A, RARE FIND - GENERAL MOTORS INLAND DIVISION ( LINE OUT ) UNDERWOOD M1 CARBINE SEMI AUTO RIFLE. government. A great looking World War 2 M1 Carbine that has been through an Arsenal re-work and most likely served in Korea as well. The First Alterations We like to stack'em deep and sell'em cheap, so you can expect The MW: is 2 and TE: is 3. acquired and sold by Jacksonville, AR have the serial number prefix SS. WWII COMMEMORATIVE 30 US, I.B.M. to the Safety issues page on this website. The issues discovered with a Universal Carbine or Universal M1 Carbine have been consistent with all commercially manufactured carbines, regardless of who made them. Always point the muzzle of the firearm in a direction where if a discharge occurs no one will be injured. V1-E1 Barrel Length: 17.5 Bore condition: Good, Your email address will not be published. *Must have a registered ARFCOM account to win. What makes a carbine an M1 Carbine is the use of the design and parts of the original U.S. M1 Carbine, as set forth (Started with SN 0, ended between 93xxx - 104xxx): The first generation Universal M1 Carbine One example in the sub-5xxx SN range had an IBM barrel with flaming bomb emblem. It has an 18-inch barrel. These had a IBM M1 CARBINE U.S. MILITARY MATCHING IBM BARREL, M1 Carbine Inland 1943 with Korean Cartouche, Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine Paratrooper 30 Carbine With Folding Stock AOM150, National Postal Meter M1 Carbine .30 Carbine, Buffalo Arms 9/43, strong bore, Inland Manufacturing M1A1 .30 Carbine, 840193, strong bore, layaway. The first year the Vulcan 440 and the Universal M1 carbine are depicted in the Gun Digest list of current rifles is the 1965 19th Edition (published late 1964). This rifle was reimported to the U.S. by Excel of Gardner MA. by U.S. Army Ordnance in the 1940's and early 1950's. the paint may flake off. Universal began producing their Universal M1 Carbineusing surplus parts, but as supplies dried up they began manufacturing in-house. had not examined the actual carbine. One example in the sub-5xxx SN range had an IBM barrel with All semi-automatic centerfire rifles Pretty nice gun for the, This Winchester U.S. Rifle M1 .30 M1 is in very good condition. The Universal Carbine retained the overall outward appearance and ammunition of the U.S. M1 Carbine, but the internal design and parts were a hybrid replica of the M1 Carbine. Gun Digest is an annual publication whose 1st Edition was in 1946. It has an 18 inch barrel. Bought government surplus They also have good on cold bluing and removing rust that apply to all products, not just their own. It comes with two magazines, one 5-rounder, and one 30-round magazine. issued January 1969. Americans could buy guns in their neighborhoods. TNVC/NGI Giveaway: 15 winners with over $7000 worth of prizes!! know of. or something like Brownell's Aluma-Hyde II, which is made for aluminum with Universal. a newly designed M1 carbine stock. M1 carbines are a kick to shoot and their connection to the Greatest Generation has so much meaning for me. COMES WITH ONE MAGAZINE & SLING . It has a Springfield barrel dated 4-44 and is not dark but not shiny. Copyright 1996-2023 AR15.COM LLC. On top of that, the one I had never ran well, so I sold it. Interestingly, the article states Universal's M1 carbine used all new commercially manufactured parts. The stock was first sold by a stock maker in the 1960's as a replacement stock for the M1 carbine. the .30 Carbine case as the parent. It came with a USGI stock because of a crack in the original one. Is there anything I should look for on this rifle or stay clear. Second Generation: (Six digit serial numbers all starting with 117XXX or 118XXX), Above the chamber, the receiver is marked 'CARBINE CAL. This The Paratrooper model was available in satin blue with an 18" barrel, satin blue with a 16" barrel, and stainless steel with an 18" barrel. Typically there were two things Universal stuck with from current production on these. In September 1964 Universal Firearms Corp. and inventor, Abe Seiderman, applied for a patent for a "Stock Lock Device". Includes one 15 rd military mag stamped AI, IVER JOHNSON M1 CARBINE SER# JJ01298, CALIBER 9MM, ( VERY FEW MADE) GUNS IN VERY NICE CONDITION . WebThe first generation Universal M1 Carbine mainly used USGI parts, including a USGI bolt locking mechanism. were U.S. government surplus except for the forged receivers which were made by I will check out that site for some spare parts. Disassembled it, cleaned it, refinished the stock. A blade front sight with protective sides and an adjustable aperture re, ****SOLD**** For sale, an absolutely beautiful Inland M1 carbine manufactured in July of 1944. Original Magazine Stock pouch, This is the REAL THING, a true M1A1 paratrooper version of the M-1 Carbine built by the ONLY manufacture of the folding stock jump rifle. The rest of the M1 look good nice rifling and finish look good to me no rust at all. All marking. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Remember, a used semi-auto rifle requires more maintenance and safety inspections than most other firearms. But it wasn't. Third Generation: To make an offer please complete the form below: Minimum price for the offer must be greater than or equal to $0. The GI compatible gun can be fit w/ GI surplus or newly manufactured parts. Gen 1's had forged receivers IIRR and like you mentioned, used USGI parts. My name is Anastasia, and I'm so thrilled to see you here! 5 round magazine.Clean.Wood with custom metal highlights. The section on currently manufactured firearms does not include Universal's rifles. resulted in the ability of the rifle to fire out of battery. and Maintenance Manual, Universal M1 Carbine Information Page GI parts in the later 1960's. By serial number 316xx Universal changed the markings and their layout on their carbines. Please review my photos and pl, Here's a late WW2 M1 Carbine military issued canvas case dated 1945 ! In 1967 beginning with serial number 100,000 Universal Firearms implemented a major design change to the carbines they produced. How long is the guide rod? failures on Universals, and parts are difficult-to-impossible to find. JavaScript is disabled. Firearms are dangerous and user assumes all risks associated with their use. aluminum, and several safety features were deleted to reduce costs. For a higher-resolution version, click the picture. Patent #3,424,420 location is indicated as 3746 E 10th Ct, Hialeah, FL. ), Animal Tracking: The Ultimate Guide and 20+ Photos, How to Skin a Rabbit (Photos + Videos) Full Guide, Universal M1 Carbine Generations Explained Briefly, Universal M1 Carbine Specific Models Overview. They replaced the front sight with a commercially manufactured model that was held in place by a set screw After he passed away I got Dad's Quality Hardware made carbine, which he got through the CMP in the 60's. product. (2) All stainless steel Universal Carbines were manufactured in, and marked as, Hialeah, FL. Patent #3,208,178 issued September 1965. A number of carbine manufacturers new firearms, a large section depicting current manufactured firearms and their information, and another section that is a directory listing that includes firearm If you leave a gun loaded or unloaded where a child or unauthorized person obtains and improperly uses it, you may be fined or sent to prison or both. (Started between SN 93xxx - 104xxx, ended between SN 176xxx and 187xxx). Bines was head of sales when Shooting Times reviewed the Vulcan 440 in May 1965. Some complained about the design changes, some claiming the changes were unsafe as they did not meet the War Baby Comes Home, p.738. One example in the sub-5xxx SN range had Markings and their Positions - prior to s/n 405xx, M-1 BB, adjustable folding rear sight, ramp front sight w/ gold bead, M-1 BB in caliber .256 Ferret, no sights, tapered bbl, M-1 BB in caliber .30 carbine, no sights, tapered bbl, Enforcer B, silver "presentation" name plate, Enforcer B, gold "presentation" name plate, .44 Mag pump, adjustable rear sight, ramp front sight w/ gold bead, *Model designations do not appear on the Universal carbines. It used two action springs instead of one, for one thing. The first generation Universal M1 Carbine mainly used USGI parts, including a USGI bolt locking mechanism. The change was probably made sometime during 1964. WebUniversal M1 Carbine Information Page MaxIcon First Generation Universal Manual (7 MB PDF file)- Thanks to Jim at this Overton of Inland fame. I buy all of my ammo at Eagle Pawn in Randleman, NC. .30 M1 ~ .30-06 Sprg. IJA bought by American Military Arms Corp, in 1987. In the beginning the first Universal Firearms carbines were 100% compatible with surplus GI carbine parts, their carbines included many of these parts. I lost mine to a theft years ago, but have since bought a surplus Inland model. The First Catalog Action works well and wood shows no cracks. The parts that are not USGI The transition in production between second generation and third generation is (This website is not affiliated with any company, it is an attempt to reconstruct their history). Universal Manual (3 MB PDF file). However, when the surplus part market dried up toward the end of the Korean Conflict, Universal started manufacturing their own parts. You will also find several wildcat The third generation included cost saving Seller: HLV Fine Guns. Here are some detailed posts on the firing out That rear sight you should be able to change the bubba'd part out without changing the sight base itself. Action works well and wood is without, Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine Paratrooper 30 Carbine With Folding Stock AOM150 - Factory New. Posted: 10/7/2022 6:18:47 PM EDT [#21] Quote History Quoted: Check the serial Many companies in the history of firearms have manufactured "carbines" of various different designs, operating actions, calibers, etc. With a used gun, it's not the name on the firearm that matters as much as having a competent mechanic check under the hood before we Initially, I was a little worried because of the negative reviews on the Universal brand. For further information on Bullseye Gun Works, refer to the page on this website dedicated to Bullseye Gun Works. leaf style flip rear sight, round bolt, magazine catch marked M, and new trigger This gun has a barrel date of 1-44, 30 caliber al, This Springfield U.S. Rifle M1 .30 M1 is in very good condition. The Best 10 Duck Hunting Dogs You Can Find Today (2019 Edition), DIY Alcohol Stove: 8 Steps With Pictures (+Fuel Test! Repp Steel Company of Buffalo. the stock. things, added the second recoil spring, and started to machine their own parts. The 57th issue 1966 (published late 1965) Here are a few pictures off the guide rod. Web$ 899.00 For sale is a Universal M1 Carbine semi-automatic rifle in .30 Cal. All of this should be kept in mind if and when you may encounter negative comments regarding the carbines manufactured by Universal Firearms. new commercially manufactured parts, may indicate their M1 carbines were being advertised before they were actually available in any quantity. generation and beyond: These USGI parts are generally compatible AR15.COM is the world's largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. Gun Digest 1967 shows the GI version of the Universal M1 carbine, with a footnote that Universal offered five other versions of their basic M1 carbine, including Sold wholesale to Sears, Wards, K-Mart and a slew of other hardware With continued use over time Second Generation: The left side of the receiver was drilled and tapped on most models after the scope mount was introduced. I would like to have a WWII one but this one will do for now. and springs. included a slide lock lever by the rear sight, the trigger housing was made of Initially the bulk of the components Universal used in their carbines Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm Can the original design be refined? Best 1911 Under $1000: Which Handgun to Pick? they were not based on the design and changes approved by U.S. Army Ordnance for the Caliber .30 M1, Carbine. Second Generation manuals. "People tend to have a proclivity towards an object rather than their own skill.".

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