MRC AdPrestTM was designed to get very precise measures of the effect of the advertising on consumers.  It has a standard set of procedures for interviewing.

The main procedures for this methodology are described below:

  • Respondents should not be told which brand the study is for at the time of recruitment.
  • Respondents will be shown one idea for a TV or print or storyboard or animatic commercial (shown 3 times).
  • Respondents are then asked six open-ended questions in a normal, natural way, as if having a conversation, and without any probing or interviewer feedback of any sort.
  • These questions, and the respondent’s answers, are tape recorded by the interviewer.

The 6 questions are as follow:

1.Please tell me all the thoughts, ideas and feelings you had when you looked at this advertisement.

2.What other thoughts and feelings came to mind as you looked at the ad?

3.Starting from the beginning would you please tell me what was said and shown and everything that happened in the ad?

4.What is the name of the brand being advertised in the ad?

5.Other than to sell the product, what was the main idea that the ad was trying to get across about this ad?

6.On the following pages are a lot of different statements that people like you have made about advertisements. 

We’d like to know how you feel after looking at this ad.  Do this by indicating how strongly you agree or disagree with each statement.

1.Respondents are then asked to complete a self-completion questionnaire. They must answer all questions.

2.Some of these questions are:

3.Which statement best describes your feeling about the campaign?

4.Which statement best describes your familiarity with the ad?