• MRC adopts a multi-faceted approach to brand health tracking is based on adoption and simultaneous application of a number of analytical frameworks and tools which throws up different sides of a brand’s health with a view to obtaining more holistic insight into the core state of play of brands we study in their primary and secondary segments and markets.
  • The core of MRC’s BHT analytical framework have two pillars – intrinsic and extrinsic measures.
  • Intrinsic measures are based on spontaneous consumer feeling, response or reaction to the brand that comes from innate, instinctive feelings about the brand.
  • Extrinsic measures on the other hand are based on prompted reactions and measurements of external stimuli related to the brand.
  • Intrinsic measures we apply include:

– Brand Equity
– Brand Strength
– Sentiment Analysis
– Net Promoter Score (NPS)
– Unprompted Brand Recall (UBR)
– Preference in Category (PiC)/ Purchase Intent

  • Extrinsic measures we apply include:

– Brand uplift
– Share of voice
– Prompted brand recall

While these tools are applicable to most categories/brands, we recognise that not all of them may be apt for every project. We also recognise the fact that manner of elicitation and application may vary depending on specifics of each project as well as time and cost constraints.

Analysis tools – Brand Imagery

Decoding the NPS